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Greg Grannis

Creative Director & Copywriter

Strategy / Art Direction / Elegant Wordsmithing

Greg is an innovative, award-winning creative director and copywriter, with many years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. So when he says, “We’re using the wrong shade of blue for that ad!”, we listen. Any creative project that comes out of Marketing Plus has had to earn Greg’s approval, and that’s not easy. But we’ve learned from Greg that it’s worth the extra tweak or polish to ensure the finest final result is delivered to the client. On the few occasions when he has off time, Greg stays busy and creative with involvement in local theater productions, both acting onstage and behind the scenes as a director. He is also a published author, of the children’s book Lottie Bright and the Starmaker’s Universe (available on Amazon, just sayin’).

– UC Davis, B.S., Communications and Economics
– Served with American Advertising Federation as an Awards Panel Judge