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Alison Allwine

Tradeshow & Special Event Coordinator

Alison has been coordinating and hitting the road for clients working the trade show circuit for over 5 years with Marketing Plus. From handling all pre-show paperwork to show site logistics and labor and even sometimes wearing the oddest of booth uniforms her keen eye for grabbing attention on the show floor is inspiring. She also handles all special event training from soccer tournaments to private concerts and VIP events. Her background in entertainment weaves with her attention to detail to make every event memorable.

Alison is an accomplished performer, tightly networked, naturally social, and brimming with that whole “youthful energy” thing, and actually enjoys spending those late nights  events needs of our clients.  Alison also assists in Social Media helping produce engaging, creative consumer-oriented content that stands out from the chatter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and making sure those road trips are shared.

In between travels, tweets, posts, and projects, Alison has been found belting her lungs out in numerous stage musicals, usually in a lead role, and searching for the best pizza in California.

– 5 Years of Experience as Tradeshow Staff
– Member, SAG-AFTRA